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Computers and laptops run best with regular maintenance which can help prevent slow performance. Examples of the care we provide are shown below.

iPhone Screen Repair

We can replace damaged iPhone screens.

Data Copying

This is normally carried out when we supply a new Laptop or PC and the new device is then delivered with all existing data. This includes Documents, Pictures, Music etc.
Data Recover & Backup It is important to make a copy of your data. We can show how this is best done and also recover any data lost by a failed hard disk.
Windows Reinstall It can help to reinstall Windows as it can become less stable as user programs and downloads interfere with its operation.


Supply and installation of Internet Phones to provide phone calls over the internet.


Installation of CCTV systems from door bell entry to full factory setups.
Software Support Help and support, either remotely or home/office visits, with most major software programs.
Printer Repair All forms of printer repairs carried out.
Software Installation Installation or reinstallation of any software programs such as Microsoft Office.


Setting up residential and business computer networks, switches, routers, shared folders.

PC & Laptop Service

A detailed service which involves opening the device and blowing out any dust, checking for loose cables and running a full suite of test programs.
PC & Laptop Repair / Upgrades We carry our many repairs and upgrades. A repair often involves replacment with a newer faster component if possible.